New Release for Christmas

Previously unreleased, the album was created as a Christmas present for the artist’s wife in celebration of his new family. Written and recorded in December 2008. Musical themes include; outsider art, neofolk, experimentalism, digital lo-fi, and rock n roll. Click image to hear album.

Hans Rotten

Hans Rotten needs your support. He is being mistreated in prison and would love to receive letters of encouragement. His album Day Dream Siren is still being released this summer/fall 2017 but is not going to be able to complete the split planed with Nitemirror. He is a kind and positive person and needs your encouragement. A simple “hang in there” message would be incredibly important to him during this trying time in his life. If you would like to send him art or a letter his address is
JVA Hansjörg Theiler
Hindenburgring 12
86996 Landsberg am Lech

Here is a track from his first release last year Struggle for Mila

Youko Heidy’s ‘Rap Album’ out this Dec 19th

release-date-flier-dec-19Don’t miss the release of this amazing noise album. Only 15 copies of the CD are available. 10 copies may be ordered from this website. The other 5 are with Youko in Japan, who is gearing up for a second US tour at the end of December. Watch the new single “Hot Housewife” by clicking the above image.