Nitemirror’s 2016 Slimewave Tour Comp

slimewave-tour-flier-2016Click image to watch a short comp of the Slimewave tour you might have missed. Full of unique underground artists.

Only 20 Left!

us-release-flierONLY 20 COPIES LEFT in America. The other 30 are in Zurich. Hit up Hans directly if you live in Europe/Australia and would like to purchase a copy. Be the first to hear his amazing release and have it shipped to your door.

$10 for a limited run, international release, hand-numbered, jewel case Cdr. The album exists only in this form, and can only be listened to by purchasing a copy. Listen to the opening track on the album, Hans Rotten’s first video release “6th Month” 

Read a review of the album here.

Kc House Show 7.26.2014

Showed up too late to get footage of The Fog who were an awesome power pop band, and the memory ran out on camera in the middle of Katrina Stoneheart so I missed getting footage of CS Luxum too. Sorry guys you played a great set. Heres some pics from Elvis Achelpohl of The Fog and CS Luxum, video produced by Blindwave Records.

The Fog

The Fog 2 The Fog



CS Luxum

Cs Luxum 2 Cs Luxum