Youko Heidy’s ‘Rap Album’ out this Dec 19th

release-date-flier-dec-19Don’t miss the release of this amazing noise album. Only 15 copies of the CD are available. 10 copies may be ordered from this website. The other 5 are with Youko in Japan, who is gearing up for a second US tour at the end of December. Watch the new single “Hot Housewife” by clicking the above image.

Nitemirror’s 2016 Slimewave Tour Comp

slimewave-tour-flier-2016Click image to watch a short comp of the Slimewave tour you might have missed. Full of unique underground artists.

Only 20 Left!

us-release-flierONLY 20 COPIES LEFT in America. The other 30 are in Zurich. Hit up Hans directly if you live in Europe/Australia and would like to purchase a copy. Be the first to hear his amazing release and have it shipped to your door.

$10 for a limited run, international release, hand-numbered, jewel case Cdr. The album exists only in this form, and can only be listened to by purchasing a copy. Listen to the opening track on the album, Hans Rotten’s first video release “6th Month” 

Read a review of the album here.

To The Lovers, Farewell (review)

fuxing a beating heart coverFor those of you interested in music that conveys raw human emotion in its grittiest, please enjoy the newest release from noise artist To The Lovers, Farewell titled “Fucking A Beating Heart”. The opening track feels like heavy pavement in the summer during the day. It gives voice to public isolation and humiliation. It then jerks unexpectedly into a cool funk croak with slap bass and cosmic slop mood. The album has varied attitudes and basement secrets found all over the album. To The Lovers blend analog instrumentation of guitar, bass, and banging, with electronic barrages both harsh and space-age. The album feels modern yet soulful and human. The artist is blending many genres and taking allegiance to no trend. You will find something new and unique with this album, and is for those looking to avoid the false. To The Lovers is very prolific with 30+ albums released before this one. The artist focuses on the extremes of relationships between people which is apparent on this recording. Lovers started in 2008 as an electronic crossover project that featured dubstep, dance, and noise. He records solely on iPad, and gives this explanation for the name; “My project is called To The Lovers, Farewell because there are two aspects of seeing off an unwanted lover. One is because you may have caught an std, and the other is because you may be getting married and the lover is a lover no more but something more then that.” The album was released 2 days ago on UK label Red Venice Records. Click the image above to hear the album. Its available in cassette or limited edition cdr.

stand out tracks: Homeless Cunt Suffering, Metallion, Black Sunrise, Cur, Gutstump Majesty, Fucking A Beating Heart