Nitemirror is a futuristic artist creating work for the internet age. Started in 2013, his focus centers on outcast attitudes, cyber throw-away aesthetics, and the destruction of the modern prison. Armed with electronic drums, and distorted electric guitar, Nitemirror confronts the audience alone. Musical themes range from mental extremism, outsider bedroom synth pop, experimental noise, and his own take on punk. Nitemirror has just recently been chosen to have a track featured on Belgian record label Crane d’Ours Records, and is also currently booking his Ghost Factory 2017 tour, supporting his new release Ghost Factory out now.



playing a fashion show in NYC on February 2018 at the Studio Art Gallery date TBA
Show in Italy in Summer 2018
working on new album for 2018

Ghost Factory out now

booking, interviews, email
Past Shows
Ghost Factory Tour
10.21.2017@Blacklight District (w/Man Made God, A Malicious Plague ) in Long Beach CA
10.20.2017@Free Radio Provo (radio In-studio Performance) in Provo UT
10.18.2017@Thee Haus Ov Where? Gallery (w/Gold Trash) in Denver CO video
10.17.2017@Kirbys Beer Store (w/No Dogs Body, Aksel Henderson) in Wichita KS
9.2.2017@NORML benefit festival in Springfield MO
7.29.2017@Adjust Your Eyes Festival (2nd slot) in Cincinnati OH
5.23.2017@Outland Bar (w/Paul Spencer Nix, Gas-station of Love) in Springfield MO
5.21.2017@PG (w/TBA) in Evansville IN
5.20.2017@Third Street Dive (w/Gravel&Spiders, Captain Dean) in Louisville KY
5.19.2017@Flicker Bar (w/Quiet Pack, DK, Luke Bass) in Athens GA
5.18.2017@American Babylon Festival (8pm set time) in Rocky Mount NC
4.29.2017@Blind Tiger (w/Salty-record release) in Kansas City MO
3.24.2017@Blind Tiger (w/Salty, Bummers Eve) in Kansas City MO
2.5.2017@Eastwing (w/WW333, Reaches) in Kansas City MO
10.26.2016@Cafe Berlin (w/Flitterwochen, The Worst Generation) in Columbia MO
10.25.2016@PG (w/Lightmares, Schiele’s Green) in Evansville IN
10.24.2016@Rake’s End (w/Iconic Riot, Danbient) in Cincinnati OH
10.23.2016@Babycastles (w/The Media, MISS Michigan) in New York NY
10.22.2016@Don Pedro’s (w/Fred Donalson, Moderns) in Brooklyn NY
10.21.2016@Tribal Haus (w/PinkWench, HUSK ) in Baltimore MD
10.20.2016@The Shadow Zone in Columbus OH
10.19.2016@State Street Pub in Indianapolis IN
10.18.2016@Foam (w/Ezra Gould,Aluminum Sasquatch Trio) in St. Louis MO
10.7.2016@Prohibition Hall (w/SquareSyntax) in Kansas City
9.19.2016@The Blind Tiger (w/Employer,WTSDS) in Kansas City
9.1.2016@Cum Dungeon(w/Kool 100s-record release, Drippies) in Kansas City
7.26.2016@Replay Lounge(w/Night Drive) in Lawrence KS
7.13.2016@The Blind Tiger (w/Husky Boys) in Kc
5.13.2016 New album “Friday 13th” released in limited 13 edition cd jewel case
4.6.2016@Jackpot Music Hall (Alien Youth, Broken Ave) in Lawrence Ks click
3.16.2016@Uptown Arts Bar (poetry reading) in Kc
11.30.2015@The Blind Tiger (w/Beta Boys, Scammers, Pup Zips) in Kc
11.15.2015@The Riot Room (w/Peacers,Alisa Ambrogio) in Kansas City
11.2.2015@The Union (w/Leisure Boys, Scammers, Pup Zips) in Kc
10.19.2015@The Terminal (w/Blackwood,HerHighPriestess) in Minneapolis MN
9.26.2015@3628 Wyandotte (w/Slurm,Conduit,Bath Consolidated) in KC click
7.31.2015@Pinky Swear (w/Videobug, Pussyfoot, Ouais, Dreamt) in Chicago click
7.12.2015@Record Bar (w/Lazy, Dead Shakes, Psychedelic Gangbang) in KC click
6.15.2015@Union(w/Pavel Chekov, Leisure Boys) in Kansas City click
5.7.2015@Mini Bar (Lazy, Truckstop Strangler) in Kansas City
4.18.2015@FOKL(Melk Belly, Sad Horse, Sneaky Creeps) in Kansas City click
3.27.2015@Oddities Prints(Zz School Fundraiser) in Kansas City
3.23.2015@Union(w/Shy Boys, Wet Ones, Boy Toy) in Kansas City
3.9.2015@Union(w/Lazy, the Fog) in Kansas City
2.23.2015@Record Bar(w/RupertAngeleyes,Lazy,TruckstopStrangler) in KC click
2.9.2015@Union(w/Psycho Vacation) in Kansas City click
1.29.2015@Mike Kelly’s Westsider in Kansas City
1.8.2015@Union(w/Ryan Lee Toms, Narcis M Sade) in KC click
12.13.2014@Normal Human (printshop instore) in Kansas City click
10.8.2014@Union(w/Great American Thunder Band, Sybassion) in Kansas City click
8.28.2014@Replay Lounge(w/Hot and Ugly, Narcis M Sade) in Lawrence Ks click
8.25.2014@Union (w/Wane Pane +the Shit Stains, May 1968, Tirefire) in Kansas City
7.28.2014@Union (w/May 1968) in Kansas City click
7.20.2014@Cakeshop (w/Sandhogs, Lazurite, Barney Barnes)in Brooklyn Ny click
6.19.2014@Vandals (w/Johny Sin, Wicken, Johnny Switch Blade) in Kansas City
5.26.2014@Union (w/HMPH, Johnny Switch Blade, Purtians)in Kansas City click
5.20.2014 Homebirth Lp digital release click
4.12.2014 SwampComp TapeRelease@Gaslight Gardens(w/Mr+Mrs)in Lawrence Ks
3.27.2014@Jackpot Saloon (w/Puritans, Gravity Ghost)in Lawrence Ks
3.5.2014@Vandals (w/HMPH, Verskotzi) in Kansas City click here
2.24.2014@Jackpot Saloon (w/Yawpers,Blind Pets) in Lawrence Ks
12.13.2013@Black and Gold Tavern in Kansas City click here
11.10.2013@Art Closet Studios (w/Pop Bottle Bombers) in Kansas City click here
8.1.2013@Shillelagh Tavern in Queens Ny click here
7.5.2013@353 Studios W48th st 2nd floor in New York Ny
7.1.2013@Mugshots Coffee House in Philadelphia Pa
6.5.2013@Pat’s Pub in Kansas City Mo
5.25.2013@Aftershock Bar and Grill in Merriam Ks
4.4.2013@Jackpot Lounge (w/Avon Lady, Mau Bones, Grimore) in Lawrence Ks
3.21.2013@Art Closet Studios (w/Johny Switchblade, Bad Mouth) in Kansas City Mo
3.7.2013@Ho_se (w/Earthmasters,Narcissister,BBDDM,APleasure) in Brooklyn Ny click